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persian_muslims's Journal

Persian Muslims
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This is a refuge for Persian Muslims to discuss Islam and life, with other Persian Muslims.

All sects of Islam are welcome here although this is not the place for sect debates. The majority of the people here will be Shia insha'Allah so for those who have a problem with that please hold your tongue or discuss what is similar.

Non-Muslims and non-Persians are also welcome if they are respectable and mature.

Posts can be in Farsi. However, if there is an antagonistic post, please contact me (ghareebah) and explain the situation because I do not know Farsi.

Just to clarify, this community was not created to promote nationalism (asabiya). It was created in response to the Islamophobic atmosphere that penetrates many Persian communities outside of Iran. Muslims who are a part of such communities may feel isolated, so this community was created as an escape from the hate.

Salman al-Farsi (ra), the first Persian Muslim