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ICE YOUR CELL PHONE!!!!! [Oct. 5th, 2006|11:43 am]
Persian Muslims


This is the most important posting on The Black Site.

Put an ICE contact on your phone. ICE stands for In Case of an Emergency.

If you, or a family member is hurt and paramedics need to contact someone, they just look for ICE. This was on ABC NEWS.

If you have a family member who does not speak english....THIS IS INDISPENSIBLE!!!! DO IT NOW. I DID...

If you have multiple contacts for an emergency, put ICE before their name.......I did.


PS: Node, Iranians have emergencies too.....so I don't want to get an email from you asking me why I posted this on PERSIAN MUSLIMS!!!


[User Picture]From: 3arabi
2006-10-06 05:21 am (UTC)

ICE ICE baby! =)

thats actually a pretty cool idea.
the problem is, I'm probably the one ICEd on my families phones, because THEIR the ones who don't speak english =)

what a trip that is.
I guess i'm just going to have to ICE you, so if you get an eMail from DC metro EMS, you know who hooked you up *wink wink* =)

Thanks for the info bro, that is helpful.

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From: raysblacksite
2006-10-06 05:35 am (UTC)

Re: ICE ICE baby! =)

I push Aishwarya Rai's number as my ICE # 1-800-Sexy-Rai

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[User Picture]From: 3arabi
2006-10-07 12:39 am (UTC)

Re: ICE ICE baby! =)

could you imagine if they would get to my, look at the phone and it would say
ICE: Bin Laden. =)
do you think they would call? =)

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From: raysblacksite
2006-10-07 02:14 am (UTC)

Re: ICE ICE baby! =)

Well, if I were the paramedic and I saw "bin laden" as an ICE number, I would dial MY ice number - 1-800-CIA-TIPS

"Hello, CIA TIPS...what is your tip?"

"Uh, yeah, this is Agent Ray, I need a one way ticket with AIR-CIA to Syria for a certain, 'Ash 3Arabi'. Please make that a rush order. Make sure he has no window seats".

"Agent Ray, let me confirm that: you want a one way trip with AIR CIA to Syria on a non-widow seat. Would that be a torture or non-torture section?"

"Definitely Torture Section ma'am."

"Ok, your flight should be arriving in a few minutes. Thank you for flying AIR CIA. Have a good day!"

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[User Picture]From: 3arabi
2006-10-07 07:26 am (UTC)

Re: ICE ICE baby! =)


I hate airplane food!
and I better not be seated inbetween 2 fat people

..at least I know you got my back.
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